Specialized Angi Crash Sensor Block


The Specialized ANGi Crash Sensor is much more than just a safety device. It becomes your guardian angel during your bike rides. With our U.S.-patented ANGi sensor, your safety is taken care of before, during and after a fall. Connected to our Specialized Ride app on iOS or Android, ANGi detects shocks and triggers a countdown. If you stop the countdown, all is well, but if it ends, ANGi sends an alert to your contacts with your GPS coordinates, ready to call for help.

Features Main features :
  • Trip tracker, shock sensor and safety beacon.
  • Detection of potentially dangerous forces on the head.
  • Compatible with Specialized ANGi-ready helmets and most bicycle helmets.
  • Battery life approx. six months.
  • Lightweight, weighing just 10 grams including battery.
  • Two-year sensor warranty.

To Whom It's Addressed :
For all safety-conscious cyclists, from mountain bikers to urban cyclists, the ANGi sensor is your companion for safer journeys.


    • Manufacturer Warranty 2 years

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