Employee spotlight: Marc-André, owner and CEO at Bicycles Quilicot

In our series of employee portraits, we invite you to discover behind the scenes of Bicycles Quilicot and the people who make the heart of our company beat. Let's meet Marc-André Lebeau, owner, CEO and above all a cycling enthusiast!

Career at Bicycles Quilicot

"I at the head of Bicycles Quilicot since November 1, 2005. Today I am mainly based in Mascouche, I make it a point to regularly visit our stores, and I maintain a special link with the one in Sainte-Thérèse where I spent most of my 18 years at Bicycles Quilicot."


Cycling style

"Although I like all types of riding styles, my go-to has always been road cycling. It is the sport that has accompanied me throughout my life, I am addicted to speed and freedom. Whether in competition when I was young or more recreationally today, I still have the same pleasure in getting on my road bike. When time is short, there's nothing like a quick outing without needing a car to escape. But as soon as possible, I venture out on an electric mountain bike which I love to go on adventures. Finally, I also do a bit of fatbiking in winter! "

Favorite bikes

"As a good bike enthusiast... I'm lucky to own several! I'm a big fan of the Specialized Tarmac, a model that I know by heart since I've had one of each generation since the SL2. I would have the pleasure of riding the latest SL8 version in 2024. I like to have an aerodynamic position, I like to go fast. And then I like the design of the bike which has always kept a certain form of simplicity. For me it's the Porsche 911 of the road bike! Timeless.

I also have an endurance model, the Pinarello Dogma X, an endurance bike that I've had since last fall and which is very promising.

As a fan of Italian bikes, I rode a Bianchi Specialissima. Bianchi is the first brand of bike I had when I started competing in 1993! Then I always rode a Campagnolo when I was young so it’s special for me. This one is mounted in super record EPS with Campagnolo wheels which for me are the best wheels on the market in terms of comfort, performance, rolling.
In 2023 I participated for the 2nd time in the Eroica in Italy, and I could not resist a Colnago Master 1983, assembled from a super record 50th anniversary group. It's a collector's item that I will finish assembling in the coming weeks.
For an electric mountain bike, I have a Specialized Turbo Levo SL that I love because it's a motor that has a little less power than a standard electric bike, but above all is much lighter. It's a bike that weighs 40 pounds and allows me to ride with people who have more powerful electric bikes, or many others who are on "classic" bikes but who are faster than me on the trails! It provides just enough power to play sports and have that little “edge” that I like. I'm already looking forward to the next generations!
And to finish my fatbike. Over the last 8 or 10 years I have always had a Pivot LES Fat. The frame has been improved, the groupsets have changed, it's a super interesting bike to ride. It's beautiful, it's light, I love it!"

Equipment must have's

"When it comes to equipment, I don't skimp on clothing. Clothing suitable for all weather conditions, any temperature. I have a little "geek" side, I am a huge fan of the Garmin Edge 1040 which runs on solar energy. It's a point of no return! In summer I rarely charge it, it's truly incredible technology."


Marc-André's recommendation

"Moments of conviviality are essential! If I'm going to ride alone, no problem to do 60-70 km without stopping but for a longer outing around 100km or more, a coffee break or lunch with friends makes all the difference for me. That’s also what cycling is all about!

If I had to recommend a place to ride... I would have two! One for the travel side is Italy. I am an unconditional fan of this country: in Tuscany, the roads are beautiful, the landscape incredible, the gastronomy, the lifestyle, the mountains, the vineyards... It is a cyclist's paradise. For the local side I would say the roads and mountains of Mont-Tremblant. It is a place with a unique character offering everything you could look for by bike: varied routes, the landscape and the sharing of roads between motorists and cyclists. We are really lucky to be able to enjoy such a beautiful environment."


Would you like to be part of our team? Are you passionate about all things cycling? Do you have an aptitude for working with the public and as part of a team?  Check our jobs openings

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