Retül positioning

Positionnement de vélo

We now offer 3 types of positioning:

1/ The Essential Morphological Positioning (30min / 60$)

  • Adjusting the saddle height
  • Handlebar adjustment
  • Brake lever adjustment
  • Positioning of the stem
  • Suspensions' setting (if necessary)

This service is recommended for cyclists who do not use clip pedals.

2/ Advanced Morphological Positioning (1h / 120$)

  • The positioning of the cleats
  • Adjusting the saddle height
  • Adjusting the seat back
  • Handlebar adjustment
  • Brake lever adjustment
  • Positioning of the stem
  • Alignment of the lower limbs
  • Suspensions' setting (if necessary)

It is suggested to have bicycle shoes with automatic pedals for this service.

3/ Retül Morphological Positioning (3h / 350$)

Guided by digital data, Retül positioning helps cyclists make better decisions.

Retül Positioning will allow you to be more efficient, ride longer distances and reduce your risk of injury. After a positioning session, your workouts and bike rides will be even more memorable. And this, whatever your discipline or level of fitness.

Why Retül positioning? Because it is an evolutionary service. It captures, measures and stores all your data in one place. Positioning will accompany you over time, according to your objectives, in the short, medium or long term.

The goal behind a Retül positioning :

  • Increase your driving pleasure
  • Optimize your general comfort
  • Improve your performance, regardless of your level and goals
  • Reduce the risk of physical injury


Pre-fit assessment
Before you start, the RETÜL fitter will ask about your cycling experience, your fitness level, any previous injuries or pain and your goals.
Physical evaluation
The fitter will mark and adjust your height and position, handlebar height and stem length and cleat position. The RETUL system collects real-time, three-dimensional data from each pedal stroke to customize a dynamic fit experience.
Comfort, efficiency, performance
After watching you pedal from a side angle, your fitter will measure and adjust the cleat position, saddle angle and leg extension to ensure maximum comfort, efficiency and performance.
Optimal position
With an optimal position on the bike, you'll be stronger when riding in the drops and feel more comfortable on the saddle. The technician will adjust the handlebars and shifters to improve shoulder/arm/wrist alignment and reduce numbness in the hands as well as back and lower back pain..
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RETÜL is a scientifically proven system that analyzes your physique and movements for optimal comfort and performance on the bike.

Warranty: Basic positioning is guaranteed for 30 days. RETÜL positioning is guaranteed for 3 months. Each additional bike is charged 100$.