Wahoo KICKR Shift Stationary Bike


Experience the pinnacle of indoor cycling with the Wahoo KICKR BIKE Shift. Unmatched in ride feel, this exceptional innovation is designed to keep you always ready to ride, no matter the weather.

KICKR BIKE SHIFT revolutionizes your indoor training with its efficient, powerful design. Crafted for riders who demand the best, it offers:

  • Customized Bike Fit: Mimic your outdoor bike's fit, shifting, and gearing for a personalized experience.
  • Silent Operation: Enjoy virtually silent rides that won't disrupt your household.
  • Connectivity: Seamlessly connect via Direct Connect and WiFi for an immersive training session.
  • ERG Easy Ramp™: Pause and rejoin your workout with ease, thanks to this innovative feature.
  • Odometer: Keep track of your trainer's mileage for insights into your training journey.
  • Real Time Response
  • 5 points of adjustable fit.
  • Programmable virtual shifting.
  • Programmable gearing.
  • Max grade simulation:20%
  • Min grade simulation: 15%
  • Max power (Watts): 2200w

Ideal for: Cyclists seeking the ultimate indoor training experience, KICKR BIKE SHIFT delivers realism, convenience, and performance in one unbeatable package. Elevate your ride today!


    • What's Included
      • KICKR BIKE SHIFT smart bike
      • AC Power Adapter
      • Allen Wrenches (4mm and 5mm)
      • Handlebar Assembly
      • Seatpost and Saddle Assembly
      • Does not include pedals

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