Wahoo KICKR Move Indoor Trainer


Experience cycling like never before with the Wahoo KICKR Move bike trainer, setting a new standard for comfort and realism in indoor riding.

The KICKR MOVE introduces a groundbreaking 8" (20cm) fore-aft motion that mimics the natural changes in your riding tempo, delivering an exceptionally comfortable and realistic experience. Its innovative features include:

  • Dynamic Motion: Enjoy a more lifelike ride with responsive fore-aft motion.
  • Enhanced Movement: The KICKR MOVE base allows for side-to-side movement, complemented by adjustable AXIS feet for stability.
  • Auto-calibration: Hassle-free setup with auto-calibration and firmware updates.
  • Whisper-Quiet: Experience virtually silent operation, so your rides won't disturb your surroundings.

Ideal for: Cyclists who crave a realistic indoor cycling experience, the KICKR MOVE brings the outdoors in. Get ready to elevate your training and enjoy the ride of your life!

  • Responsive Motion: Natural fore-aft motion for tempo changes.
  • Enhanced Stability: Side-to-side movement and adjustable feet for a solid ride.
  • Easy Setup: Auto-calibration and firmware updates streamline your experience.
  • Noiseless Operation: Train in peace with virtually silent performance.


    • Weight
      • 64 lb / 29 kg

    • Resistance Electromagnetic
    • Max Power 2200 Watts
    • Max Incline 20%
    • Max Descent -10%
    • Compatibility
      • Includes 130/135mm QR adapter & hub spacer
      • 12x142/148 adapter & hub spacer
      • 1.8mm cassette spacer
    • Connectivity ANT+, ANT+ FE-C, Bluetooth, Direct Connect, Wi-Fi
    • Suggested Weight Limit 250 lb / 113 kg
    • What's Included
      • KICKR MOVE
      • AC Power Adapter
      • Quick Release Skewer
      • Disc Brake Caliper Spacer
      • 1.8mm Cassette Spacer
      • Drive Side Adapter for 130mm and 135mm QR
      • Reversible hub spacer for 130mm and 135mm
      • QR Drive Side Adapters for 12x142 and 12x148
      • Thru Axle Reversible hub spacer for Thru Axle
      • AXIS Stiff and Easy Feet

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