Time MX 4 Pedals

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Experience the Thrill of Off-Road Cycling with Time MX 4 Pedals - Lightweight, Versatile, and Beginner-Friendly!

Unleash the adventurer within and embark on off-road journeys like never before with Time's MX 4 Pedals. Designed to provide the ultimate trail experience, these pedals offer the perfect balance of lightweight performance and affordability, making them the ideal choice for cyclists venturing off the road for the first time.

Weighing under 200 grams per pedal, the MX 4 pedals are engineered to enhance your cycling experience without compromising on durability. Whether you're conquering rocky terrains or gliding through forest trails, these pedals will keep you in control and connected to your bike.

Thanks to the ATAC EASY cleat system, setting up the MX 4 pedals is a breeze. Clipping in and out has never been simpler, ensuring you have the confidence to tackle any terrain without hesitation.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Lightweight and Versatile: Experience the thrill of off-road cycling with these lightweight and versatile trail pedals. They offer the perfect blend of agility and performance, giving you the freedom to explore new trails and push your limits.
  • Effortless Cleat Setup: The ATAC EASY cleat system simplifies the setup process, allowing you to quickly and easily clip in and out of the pedals. It's perfect for riders of all levels, especially beginners.

Ideal Customer:

Time's MX 4 Pedals are tailored for cyclists looking to venture off the road and embrace the excitement of trail riding. If you're a beginner or intermediate rider seeking a reliable and affordable pedal option with easy cleat setup, the MX 4 is your perfect match. It's time to hit the trails, discover new horizons, and experience the joy of off-road cycling.


    • Material Pedal Composite / Spindle Steel
    • Cleats Time ATAC
    • Spindle Diameter 9/16 in

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