Tacx Neo Motion Plate


Make your sessions even more realistic with Tacx NEO Motion Plates. These easy-to-mount platforms bring multidirectional motion to your NEO, NEO 2 or NEO 2T training base for an even more realistic feel.

Now, when you're on your base, you'll feel like you're riding outside, with movements that follow your body's natural changes and allow you to train more effectively. Motion Plates attach magnetically to the underside of each foot on your base, giving you all the sensations you'd find on the road. What's more, the system doesn't take up any space or make any noise, keeping the unit compact and quiet.


  • Multidirectional oscillations reproduce the natural sensations you experience when out on the road.
  • They're ready to use in a matter of moments. These platforms are very easy to install, simply clipping them under your training base.
  • Adopt a more natural posture to stay motivated and train more efficiently by reducing stress on your bike.
  • Pedal with confidence on these safe, stable platforms.
  • Your NEO training base is virtually silent. And these platforms won't make it noisier.


  • Home trainer elevation: 25 mm (1″)
  • Amplitude


    • Weight
      • 1,55 kg (3,41 lb)
    • What's Included
      • Tacx Neo Motion plates
    • Dimensions
      • 582 x 122 x 102 mm (22.9″ x 4.8″ x 4.0″)

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