Tacx Deva Cage/Bottle/Tire Lever


The Tacx Deva Cage/Bottle/Tire Lever kit is a comprehensive cycling accessory designed to enhance your riding experience. This set includes a durable polyamide and carbon water bottle cage, a high-quality Shiva water bottle, and a set of Tacx tire levers, providing cyclists with a versatile and reliable solution for their hydration and maintenance needs.

Key Features:
  • Polyamide and carbon Deva water bottle cage for optimal clamping and durability
  • Tested in demanding conditions like the Paris-Roubaix race and the Tour of Flanders
  • Shiva water bottle for reliable hydration
  • Set of Tacx tire levers for easy tire changes

Who is it for?
The Tacx Deva Cage/Bottle/Tire Lever kit is an ideal choice for cyclists of all disciplines, from commuters to road cyclists and mountain bikers. 


    • Weight

      35 g

    • What's Included
      • Tacx Deva Cage/Bottle/Tire Lever

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