Supacaz Super Sticky Kush Star Fade Bar Tape


Super Sticky Kush Star Fade tape, the top choice of 3x World Champion Peter Sagan, offers unrivaled performance and style. Supacaz proudly declares it the ultimate bar tape. StarFade adds a burst of color and eye-catching graphics, instantly transforming any bike.

  • Super Sticky PU (top layer): Supple hand feel, tacky in wet conditions, resistant to UV rays, climate, and sweat.
  • Kush Foam (middle layer): Nano foam for maximum dampening, improves bike handling.
  • Emboss: Unique Supacaz pattern, enhances grip and moisture-wicking.
  • Star Plugz: Aluminum Bar Plugs, Screw & Expand (3mm), stylish finishes.
  • Finish Tape: High-End Rubberized Tape (Multi-Use) with Supacaz Pattern Frost Print.


    • Material PU Leather
    • Padding Kush Foam
    • What's Included

      1 x Supacaz Super Sticky Kush Star Fade Bar Tape

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