POC Ventral Spin Helmet

$209.99 $349.99

The POC Ventral Spin helmet sets new standards in aerodynamic performance, safety and ventilation, with an uncompromising all-round approach.

Designed for demanding cyclists looking for the perfect combination of speed, safety and comfort, the POC Ventral Spin helmet offers an incomparable riding experience.

Key features :

  • Unique aerodynamic design: Optimized by CFD testing for enhanced performance and minimal air turbulence.
  • Patented SPIN pads: provide shock protection and impact absorption.
  • Airflow acceleration zones: inspired by the Venturi effect, reducing fluid drag for optimum speed.
  • Extreme cooling: Innovative airflow design ensures maximum ventilation.
  • Wrapped monocoque construction: for enhanced safety without compromising on weight.

Who it's for:

    Ideal for professional and amateur cyclists looking for a high-performance helmet offering superior protection and exceptional comfort for long road rides.

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