Oxford Stormex Single Bike Cover


The Oxford Stormex Single Bike Cover is a premium and versatile bike cover suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Known for its durability and weather protection, this cover is designed to shield your bike from various elements while parked.

Key Features:
  • Externally bonded seams for maximum rain protection.
  • Tough outer layer provides weather and impact protection.
  • Luxurious padded lining shields against accidental bumps and scratches.
  • Reflective panels enhance visibility at night for added safety.
  • Adjustable belly strap ensures a secure fit.
  • UV colorfast solution-dyed fibers for long-lasting color retention.

Who is it for?
The Oxford Stormex Single Bike Cover is perfect for cyclists who want to protect their bikes from various weather conditions and minor impacts. It is suitable for individuals looking for a premium and durable cover to safeguard their bike during storage.


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    • What's Included
      • Oxford Stormex Single Bike Cover

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