Muc-Off Clean Protect Lube


Clean Protect Lube from Muc-Off. This comprehensive bike care kit includes Nano Tech Bike Cleaner for thorough cleaning, MO-94 for all-round protection, and Dry Weather Lube with an expanding microcell sponge, ensuring your ride stays smooth and protected.

  • Nano Tech Bike Cleaner: The 1L Nano Tech Bike Cleaner provides powerful and gentle cleaning, removing dirt and grime for a pristine ride.
  • MO-94 All-Weather Spray: With a 400ml spray, MO-94 delivers excellent protection against corrosion, displaces moisture, and prevents dirt adhesion.
  • Dry Weather Lube: The 50ml Dry Weather Lube comes with an expanding microcell sponge for easy and precise application, keeping your bike's drivetrain smooth and efficient


    • Biodegradable No
    • Volume Nano Tech Bike Cleaner: 1L MO-94: 400ml Dry Weather Lube: 50ml

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