Marin Gestalt 2


Discover the Marin Gestalt 2, the perfect companion for off-road adventures and epic excursions.

The Marin Gestalt 2 is a versatile gravel bike that combines performance and durability. Whether you're on bumpy roads, gravel trails or mountain bike trails, this bike is ready for any challenge;

Key features :

  • Robust frame: The high-quality aluminum frame offers exceptional stability while remaining lightweight.
  • Reliable transmission: Equipped with a reliable Shimano transmission for smooth gear changes.
  • All-terrain tires: Wide, grippy tires are ready to tackle a variety of surfaces.
  • Disc brakes: Powerful disc brakes for optimum control in all conditions.
  • Comfort and versatility: A geometry designed for comfort over long distances.

Who it's for:

The Marin Gestalt 2 is ideal for adventure-loving cyclists looking for a bike that can perform on a multitude of terrains.


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