Lezyne Mini Drive 400 Headlight - Black


The Lezyne Mini Drive 400 Headlight in Black is a compact and powerful cycling light designed to provide exceptional illumination for riders. With a maximum output of 400 lumens and a runtime of up to 20 hours in Femto mode, this headlight offers reliable performance in various riding conditions.

Key Features:
  • Max 400 lumens output for powerful illumination
  • 20 hours runtime in Femto mode for extended usage
  • Silicon rubber strap for secure attachment
  • IPX7 water resistance rating for reliable performance in various weather conditions
  • Built-in USB key for wireless charging convenience

Who is it for?
The Lezyne Mini Drive 400 Headlight in Black is an ideal choice for cyclists of all disciplines who prioritize visibility and safety during their rides. 


    • Waterproofing No

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