Jagwire, Slick, Rear Derailleur Cable, SRAM/Shimano, Stainless, 3100mm (Tamdem)


Upgrade your tandem bike's shifting performance with the Jagwire Slick Rear Derailleur Cable. Designed for compatibility with both SRAM and Shimano systems, this stainless steel cable measures 3100mm, making it ideal for tandem bicycles. Its slick design ensures smooth and precise shifting, enhancing your riding experience. Whether you're replacing an old cable or fine-tuning your tandem's gear shifting, the Jagwire Slick Rear Derailleur Cable is a reliable choice.


  • Material: Corrosion resistant stainless steel
  • Length: 3100 mm
  • Extruded cables (slick) are completely smooth to the touch to help reduce friction

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