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Finish Line Fiber Grip Assembly Gel 1.75oz


Fiber Grip™ is a specialized formula designed to create friction and reduce slippage between clamped carbon fiber surfaces. By using Fiber Grip, you can achieve secure connections without the need to over tighten clamps, preventing internal fractures and fatigue of carbon fiber parts. Simply apply a thin film of Fiber Grip to the clamping areas of stems, handlebars, seat posts, and seat tubes for optimal performance.

Fiber Grip has been thoroughly tested and approved by leading carbon fiber component manufacturers, ensuring its reliability and effectiveness.

  • Creates friction and reduces slippage
  • Prevents over tightening and potential damage
  • Ensures secure connections for carbon fiber parts
  • Tested and approved by leading manufacturers


    • Biodegradable No
    • Volume 1.75oz / 50g
    • What's Included

      1 x Finish Line Fiber Grip Assembly Gel 50g 

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