Finish Line

Finish Line E-Bike Chain Lube 4 Oz


Finish Line e-Bike Chain Lube™ is specifically formulated to meet the unique demands of e-Bikes and their drivetrains. Developed following e-Bike manufacturer specifications and using the latest technology, this lubricant is designed to keep e-Bikes running smoothly and looking like new.

Electric assist chains on e-Bikes experience high pressure and torque, with instant power output of up to 960 watts. Finish Line e-Bike Chain Lube™ is engineered to withstand these extreme pressures and torque, providing long lubrication intervals, shedding dirt, preventing premature wear, and offering superior protection against rust and corrosion.

  • Specifically formulated for electric assist chains on e-Bikes
  • Withstands high pressure and torque
  • Provides long lubrication intervals
  • Sheds dirt and prevents premature wear
  • Superior protection against rust and corrosion


    • Biodegradable No
    • Lubricant Type Wax, Dry
    • Volume 4 Oz
    • What's Included

      1 x Finish Line E-Bike Chain Lube - 4oz

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