Finish Line

Finish Line Ceramic Wax Lubricant 4OZ


Finish Line's Ceramic Wax Lube is an advanced bicycle chain lubricant based on wax, offering a complete drivetrain cleanliness without sacrificing the distance, unlike other wax-based lubricants.

Even one of Finish Line's WorldTour teams has used Ceramic Wax Lube in dry weather races covering 120 miles. This makes it an ideal choice for dedicated cyclists aiming to reduce transmission maintenance time and maximize their riding time. Each application of Ceramic Wax enhances the ceramic coating, providing the durability seen in many oil-based lubricants.

With Finish Line ceramic wax, your chain and components remain free from moisture and stickiness, preventing dirt and abrasive grime from sticking to the lubricated surface. This helps avoid abrasive wear, allowing parts to operate more smoothly and last longer. The unique formulation of ceramic wax prevents buildup over time.

Please note that as the white ceramic particles attach to the chain, they displace dirt, leading to the formation of a gray or black film on the wax coating. However, after 2-3 applications, this effect diminishes or ceases. This discoloration is normal and does not affect the performance of the product.


    • Biodegradable No
    • Lubricant Type Ceramic
    • Volume 4 oz
    • What's Included

      1 x Finish Line Ceramic Wax - 4oz

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