CushCore PRO Tire Insert - 29" Set


Maximize performance and protection with the 29" Cushcore Pro package.

The CushCore revolutionizes the way you ride. Acting like a spring and a shock absorber, it offers an incomparable riding experience.

Main features :

  • Revolutionary suspension technology
  • Designed for 29-inch tires
  • Exclusive compatibility with tubeless tires
  • Includes valves for easy installation
  • Offers ultimate protection on all terrains

Who is it for?

Mountain bikers looking to improve their comfort and performance on the most demanding trails.


    • Diameter 29 in
    • Compatibility
      • Tire Widths: 2.1″-2.6″
      • Inner Rim Width: 22mm-35mm
      • Weights: 27.5" – 250g, 29" – 260g
    • What's Included 1 x Cushcore Tubeless Tire Insert Set 29"

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