Compressport Racing V3 Bike Long Socks

$12.99 $29.99

Stimulating blood flow to the maximum and improving foot posture, this revised version of Pro Racing Socks Bike hugs the anatomy of every foot. A hemless seam has no twisting effect on the shin and ankle. Compressport®'s signature 3D dot technology in the sole massages, protects and stimulates blood circulation.

  • No more overheated feet, blisters or fungus thanks to super-ventilated, breathable mesh.
  • Hyper-breathable 3D stitching keeps feet cool and dry.
  • The high cut provides extra protection for the Achilles tendon and, with the 3D stitches, a protective cushion against vibrations.
  • By respecting the anatomy of each foot, the sock optimizes posture and improves blood circulation.
  • The ergonomic arch band ensures that the socks stay in place and feet don't slip.

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