Cat Eye

Cat Eye BM-45 Bike Mirror


The CatEye BM-45 Bike Mirror is an elegant and lightweight rear-view mirror designed to enhance safety and visibility for cyclists. With its durable aluminum construction and 45mm glass lens, this mirror provides a wide field of view to keep riders aware of their surroundings.

Key Features:
  • Suitable for straight and road bike handlebars
  • Ball-and-socket joint for easy adjustment
  • Aluminum body for secure and stable mounting
  • Compact design that minimizes the risk of impact

Who is it for?
The CatEye BM-45 Bike Mirror is an ideal choice for road cyclists, commuters, and any rider who prioritizes safety and awareness during their rides.


    • Diameter 45mm
    • What's Included
      • Cat Eye BM-45 Bike mirror
    • Weight 35 g

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