Camelbak Reservoir Cleaning Brush Kit


Keep your CamelBak hydration reservoirs and tubes clean and fresh with the CamelBak Reservoir Cleaning Brush Kit. This comprehensive cleaning kit includes specialized brushes designed to thoroughly clean your reservoir and tube, ensuring optimal hygiene and performance.

Key Features:
  • Reservoir Brush: The kit includes a reservoir brush specifically designed to clean the interior of CamelBak hydration reservoirs. It effectively removes dirt, residue, and bacteria to prevent odors and maintain cleanliness.
  • Tube Brush: A dedicated tube brush is included to clean the narrow tubing of CamelBak hydration systems. It reaches into the tube to scrub away impurities and ensure unrestricted water flow.
  • Effective Cleaning: The brushes provide thorough cleaning, preventing buildup and maintaining the taste and quality of your water.
  • Complete Cleaning Solution: This kit offers a complete cleaning solution for your CamelBak hydration system, ensuring all components are free from contaminants.
  • Durable and Easy to Use: The brushes are durable and easy to use, allowing you to maintain your hydration system with minimal effort.

Who is it for?
The CamelBak Reservoir Cleaning Brush Kit is essential for anyone who uses CamelBak hydration reservoirs and wants to keep them clean and functional. 


    • What's Included
      • Camelbak Reservoir Cleaning Brush Kit

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