Which bike travel case should I choose for my bike?

When you take your bike on a trip, transporting it safely is one of the main issues. In fact, there's nothing like leaving with a clear mind, knowing that your bike is perfectly protected from the many stresses and strains that go hand in hand with transporting it, especially when taking the train or plane! Here's an overview of the main features to consider, to help you choose the safest and most practical means of transport ;)


What features do you need to take into account?

When shopping for a bike travel case, size and capacity are the first very important factors to consider! After all, there's no point in buying the safest possible carrying case if you can't fit your mount inside.

Choosing the right size box for your bike

For a road bike or light hybrid, 300L models like the Evoc Road Bag Pro are sufficient, but you can always opt for a larger box: this will allow you to stow some equipment you don't necessarily want to carry in your bags and luggage. For mountain bikes, we recommend larger models, with a capacity of at least 400L, such as the Thule Roundtrip MTB. These bikes often have wider tires and a longer wheelbase, requiring a larger box.

What is the wheelbase?

To find out the wheelbase of your bike, it's very simple: measure the distance between the front wheel axle and the rear wheel axle. This figure in centimetres is called the wheelbase! Manufacturers always indicate the maximum possible wheelbase in their boxes. As far as possible, choose a model with a maximum wheelbase slightly greater than the wheelbase of your bike, so as not to take any risks. If you have a fatbike or a mountain bike designed for enduro or downhill riding with large tires, check the manufacturer's information on the maximum tire size that can fit in the transport box.


Have you found the right transport box size for your bike? Perfect! Now, if you're hesitating between several models, it's the safety aspect that will make the difference.

Pack your bike correctly

The models we offer at Bicycles Quilicot are all secure enough to allow you to travel several times with your bike on the train, bus or plane without worrying about anything happening to it. In fact, for transport and handling to be sufficiently safe, the bike must be able to be securely hooked inside the box. Some models come with mounting rails (sometimes even with a tripod, so you can almost have a real workshop stand outside the box), which is an excellent option for securing your bike and protecting it as much as possible.

Rigid or folding walls?

When it comes to side panels, some will prefer a 100% rigid shell (like the Thule Roundtrip Sport), but models with foldable side panels have improved enormously in recent years and now offer the same optimal level of protection (like the Evoc Pro 305L with its polypropylene padding, HDPE molded tray...). These foldable models also have the advantage of taking up less space, making them easier to store at home or when traveling. In any case, you can board a train or leave your suitcase in the hands of airport staff without fear if you've followed the packing recommendations!

Pack your wheels well!

Bike travel cases offer compartments or bags for storing your bike's wheels, and this is essential for safe travel. In fact, even if your bike is perfectly secured in the box, if an unprotected wheel travels against the frame, there's a great risk of finding the bike scratched because of friction between the two parts during transport, even with great care. So pack your wheels perfectly in the box for extra protection!


How do I pack my bike into the transport box? 

When you're shopping for a carrying case for the first time, or opting for a model with new features (mounting rail, for example), it's not always easy to know how to proceed. The Thule brand offers an excellent video on how to install a bike in the Thule Roundtrip MTB flexible box, which you can replicate on similar models.

Now you've got all the information you need to make your choice! Make sure you get the right size for your bike, and that it offers maximum transport safety.

Shop our bike travel cases on our online store and get ready for your next cycling trip! And don't neglect your equipment either: take a look at our article on how to choose your travel bike bag. Happy cycling to you all!

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