Blivet Loki 5 Bottle Cover


Blivet Sports' LOKI 5 neoprene bottle cover set prevents water from turning into ice, ensuring you can enjoy a drink anytime. Designed with a rigid internal skeleton, the upper part remains stable and won't lift when you unzip to easily access the bottle. Extracting the bottle from the LOKI 5 is as simple as a slight lateral movement toward your bike's crank. While it's compatible with all bike sizes, the LOKI 5 is specifically designed for small frames, from XXS to SM. If your bike has a frame size of MED to XXL, the LOKI 7 would be an excellent choice.

  • Neoprene bottle cover
  • Resin bottle holder
  • 550 ml (20 oz.) bottle
  • 2 units of 20mm screws

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