Bg cleat wedge - speedplay


Improve your body alignment with the Bg - Keo wedge, an external innovation that optimizes hip, knee and foot alignment.

The Bg - Keo cleat revolutionizes your cycling experience by fitting between the cleat and the sole of your shoe. This external design offers a one-degree Varus/valgus correction, ensuring ideal alignment for demanding cyclists.

Key features:

  • Varus/valgus external correction.
  • A degree of Varus/valgus correction.
  • Compatible with SPD SL™, Look KEO™ and Speedplay.
  • Optimizes alignment of hips, knees and feet.
  • Innovative design for an enhanced cycling experience.

Who it's for:

Perfect for performance-minded cyclists seeking optimal alignment and Varus/valgus angle correction. Upgrade your ride with the Bg - Keo wedge for a more comfortable, high-performance cycling experience.

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