Axiom Streamliner Road DLX Pannier Rack - Black


Choose the black Axiom Streamliner Road DLX rack to solve clearance and compatibility problems on your road bike, offering a versatile and durable solution.

The Axiom Streamliner Road DLX luggage rack is designed to solve the challenges of installing traditional luggage racks on road bikes. Made from 6061 T6 aluminum, this rack offers exceptional rigidity and long-term durability.

Main features :

  • Sturdy construction: hand-welded 6061 T6 aluminum with high-strength steel modular feet.
  • Versatile: compatible with standard quick-release spindles or traditional eyelets.
  • Flexible installation: The central bracket can be attached to a brake caliper or fender bridge, offering additional versatility.
  • Aerodynamic design: the streamlined profile improves aerodynamics and handling, while keeping the load close to the center.
  • Accessories included: Includes reflector/light bracket and frame screws for convenient installation.

Who it's for:

    Perfect for road cyclists looking for a reliable, versatile carrying solution, without compromising performance or style.

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