BG Fit - Retül bike positioning

Positionnement de vélo

BG Fit - Retül bike positioning

Travel longer distances without risk of injury. We are specialists in ergonomic positioning. Whatever your discipline or your level of form, the BG FIT positioning system allows you to :

  • Increase your pleasure on the bike
  • Increase your comfort
  • Improve your performance
  • Reduce the risk of injury

Proceedings of a BG Fit positioning session

Preliminary interview 
The BG FIT technician questions you about your cycling practice, your level, your history of injury before starting the study. 
Physical assessment 
Dynamic adjustment of saddle height and recoil, height of hanger and length of stem and position of holds on shoes. The aim of these dynamic settings is to create a neutral position for comfort. 
Comfort, efficiency and power 
After observing your profile pedaling, the technician measures and adjusts the position of the shims, saddle recoil and leg extension to improve your comfort, efficiency and power. 
A neutral position 
A neutral position places you on the bike so as to be more powerful at the bottom of the handlebars and more comfortable on the cocottes. By adjusting the position of the handlebars and handles, the technician can improve shoulder / arm / wrist alignment to reduce numbness of the hands and back and lumbar pains.
BG FIT is a proven scientific method which consists of studying your morphology and your movements in order to optimize your comfort and performance by bike.
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