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Park Tool TLR-1 Threadlocker Blue Medium Strength


Introducing Park Tool TLR-1 Threadlocker in a vibrant blue hue with medium strength. TLR-1 competes head-to-head with Loctite 242/243, offering reliable performance. Key features:

  • TLR-2 competes with Loctite 262/263.
  • Compatible with steel, aluminum, and carbon components.
  • Tolerant to oil for versatile use.
  • Not recommended for use with titanium fasteners.
  • Park Tool AP-1 Adhesive Primer is essential to prepare all components, fasteners, and carbon surfaces before application; failure to do so may result in permanent bonding.

Choose TLR-1 Threadlocker for secure and dependable fastening. Available in blue (medium strength) and red (high strength) variations.

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