Marin Four Corners 1


Discover the Marin Four Corners 1, the ultimate travel bike for adventurers.

The Marin Four Corners 1 is designed for intrepid explorers looking for versatility and reliability. Whether you're touring winding roads or venturing off the beaten track, this bike is your ideal companion.

Key features :

  • Robust frame: Made from durable aluminum, this frame stands up to the rigors of long-distance travel.
  • Reliable transmission: Equipped with a Shimano transmission, it offers smooth gear changes.
  • Powerful disc brakes: Hydraulic disc brakes provide precise braking in all conditions.
  • Ride Comfort: Wide tires and drop-bar-style handlebars ensure exceptional comfort.
  • Luggage racks: Luggage racks and eyelets make it easy to transport your luggage.

Who it's for :

The Marin Four Corners 1 is aimed at cyclists with a passion for bike travel, adventurers who want to explore the world on two wheels, and those looking for a versatile bike for their daily commute.

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