Finish Line

Finish Line Wet Lube - 4 OZ


The Finish Line Wet Lube - 4 OZ is a high-performance lubricant designed to excel in extreme road conditions, such as rain, snow, and rock dust. Formulated with a high viscosity, this wet lube ensures your bike's chain remains well-lubricated, maintaining an efficient and quiet transmission.

Key Features:
  • Specifically designed for wet and extreme riding conditions
  • High viscosity formula provides long-lasting lubrication
  • Keeps the chain well-lubricated and the transmission efficient and quiet
  • Suitable for use in rain, snow, and dusty environments

Who is it for?
The Finish Line Wet Lube - 4 OZ is an ideal choice for cyclists who ride in wet, snowy, or extremely dusty conditions. It caters to road cyclists, mountain bikers, and commuters who need a reliable lubricant that can withstand the challenges of inclement weather and harsh environments.


    • Lubricant Type Wet
    • Volume 4 oz
    • What's Included

      1 x Finish Line Wet Lube - 4oz

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