Clug Road Bike Wall Mount - Black/White


The Clug Road Bike Wall Mount is a sleek and space-saving solution for storing your road bike. Designed for road bikes with slim tires, this wall mount keeps your bike securely in place while creating an eye-catching display. Its minimalist design allows you to store your bike vertically on your wall, saving valuable floor space.

Key Features:
  • Slim Tire Compatibility: The Clug Road Bike Wall Mount is tailored for road bikes with narrow tires, ensuring a perfect fit and secure storage.
  • Minimalist Design: Its minimalist and elegant design seamlessly blends with your interior decor, turning your bike into a functional wall art piece.
  • Sturdy and Durable: Crafted from durable materials, this wall mount is built to last, providing long-term reliability.
  • Easy Installation: Setting up the Clug Road Bike Wall Mount is hassle-free, and all the required mounting hardware is included.
  • Available in Black and White: Choose between black and white color options to match your wall and personal style.

Who Is It For?
  • The Clug Road Bike Wall Mount is perfect for:
  • Road Bike Enthusiasts: If you own a road bike, this wall mount offers a safe and stylish storage solution.
  • Space-Conscious Cyclists: For individuals with limited storage space, this wall mount lets you store your bike efficiently.


    • Compatibility


    • What's Included
      • 1 X Clug Road Bike Wall Mount - Black/White

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