Bicycles Quilicot vous propose de passer en revue les différents conseils émis par les fabricants afin de garantir le bon fonctionnement de votre bicyclette année après année.

Electric Bike Storage and Care During Winter

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As winter approaches and the cold weather sets in, so does the time to store your e-bike, and make sure its battery is properly charged.

In this article, Bicycles Quilicot will share various tips, in line with manufacturers’ recommendations, to ensure that your e-bike works flawlessly for years to come.

Checkup & Tune-up

Once the cycling season is over, doing a tune-up on your bike is never a bad idea, whether it has an integrated electric motor or not. Lights, brake pads and gears need to be in perfect working order for the upcoming seasons. A component check will ensure that moisture does no damage to your e-bike. Also, if you are thinking of riding your bike in the winter, neoprene covers are available at Bicycles Quilicot to keep the battery warm during your rides in sub-zero temperatures.

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Keep The Battery Warm

The battery is the most fragile component of your bike. Low temperatures can negatively impact its capacity, which in turn impacts its overall life. During winters, in sub-zero temperatures, it is important to remove the battery and store and charge it indoor, at temperatures between 10 and 20 degrees.

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A garage or basement is a good place to store your bike. You can store your e-bike in an unheated shed, but only if you remove the battery and store it beforehand. Also, batteries that are left unused throughout the winter should maintain a level of charge between 30% and 60%.

If space is limited at home, Bicycles Quilicot offers winter storage for electric bikes. We will take care of the various procedures related to the battery, as well as the tuning of your bike. You can then ride your bike with peace of mind come spring.

Bike Cleaning

A clean bike is a well-performing one. Why not take advantage of the cold season to give yours a thorough cleaning? Please note that e-bikes require special handling:

  1. Before cleaning, remove the battery and computer or, if necessary, cover them with a cloth or aluminum foil.
  2. Use a special bicycle cleaner, a brush and a damp sponge, but never steam or high-pressure cleaners.

  3. When lubricating the chain, make sure that the hydraulic brakes are well protected. Lubricant could cause damage.

  4. Clean it regularly to prevent dirt from clogging the drivetrain.

If you are not comfortable with any of the handling, let us do it for you! We also recommend that you always use products designed for bicycles.

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Ask Questions

Now that you know all about electric bike maintenance, you can get started! If you have any questions, feel free to ask our custom service away!

We have also prepared a summary of all the information in this blog post.

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