Axiom Transit Pannier Rack - Black


Transport your belongings with ease with the Axiom Transit Black luggage rack, a sturdy, lightweight solution for everyday cycling.

The Axiom Transit Black luggage rack offers a simple, reliable solution for carrying your belongings on your daily bike commute. Made from 6061-T6 tubular aluminum, it is both sturdy and lightweight, offering exceptional durability without adding unnecessary weight to your bike.

Main features :

  • 6061-T6 tubular aluminum construction for optimum strength and lightness.
  • Mounting system with adjustable extralong arms (280 mm) and stainless steel eyelets for easy installation and adaptability.
  • Integrated reinforcements for greater strength and rigidity.
  • 354 mm long rods and a 350 mm x 132 mm platform provide ample space for carrying your belongings in complete safety.

Who is it for :

Ideal for urban cyclists and regular users looking for a practical, durable solution for carrying their belongings on daily bike trips.

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