Abus Klickfix Chain Support

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The Abus Klickfix Chain Support is a practical and convenient accessory designed to provide a secure solution for carrying ABUS U-locks on your bicycle. With its patented design, the Klickfix Chain Support offers a quick and easy way to attach your lock, ensuring it remains within reach during your rides.

Key Features:
  • Fastening via a plastic clamp with rubber inserts for a secure grip
  • Two different screw lengths to accommodate various tube diameters
  • Indexing on the bracket for easy and precise subsequent assembly
  • Comfortable one-hand handling for hassle-free operation
  • Very quick and easy installation process

Who is it for?
The Abus Klickfix Chain Support is an ideal choice for cyclists who use ABUS U-locks and want a reliable and accessible way to carry their lock during their rides.

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