45NRTH Studs - Set of 25 XL


Enhance Your Traction - Elevate your cycling experience with the XL 45NRTH Studs. This set of 25 studs is your key to achieving unbeatable traction and control on icy and snowy terrains. Crafted for the most challenging winter conditions, these studs are designed to tackle the harshest elements. The XL 45NRTH Studs are your solution for optimizing grip, providing you with the confidence to take on slippery surfaces and extreme winter trails.

Key Features:
  • Ultimate Winter Traction: A set of 25 XL studs designed for superior grip on icy and snowy surfaces.
  • Enhanced Control: Experience increased control and confidence when cycling in harsh winter conditions.
  • Versatile Application: These studs can be used with compatible 45NRTH tires to adapt to various terrains.
  • Optimize Winter Adventures: Take your winter cycling to the next level with these XL studs.
  • Reliable Performance: Crafted by 45NRTH, a trusted name in winter cycling gear.

Who Is It For?
The XL 45NRTH Studs are essential for avid cyclists who crave winter adventures. If you're passionate about conquering challenging winter terrains, these studs will provide the grip and control you need for an extraordinary cycling experience.


    • What's Included
      • 1 x 45NRTH Studs - Set of 25 XL

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