Ride now, pay later

Online or in store, take advantage of 0% financing on any bike purchased*

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Online, choose Splitit!

It's fast, easy and hassle-free. Nothing could be simpler, you benefit from an online purchase at 0% interest for any order over $1000.

Choose between 4,6 or 12 monthly payments when you pay online. The financing will be done directly through your credit card. No interest charges, no credit check, it's that simple!

How does Splitit work?

On all products valued at $1000 and more, under the total price you will see the monthly amount that Splitit allows you to buy this product.

Example: For a bike with a price of 1200$, you can buy this bike from 100$ / month, in 12 monthly payments. It's as simple as that!

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In-store, enjoy peace of mind with Financeit

Financeit is suitable for all budgets! You can finance your new bike for an amount ranging from $500 to $10,000.

- 12 monthly payments
- 0% interest rate
- No deposit, not even taxes

*On approved credit. Interest-free and deferred payment options are available on the purchase of any regular-priced bike. For discounted bikes, the interest rate is 14,99%.

Do you qualify? Simply pre-approve online. It's fast, free and won't impact your credit score!

Still not sure? Do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here.